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His Eyes were a “Flame of Fire’; and out of His Mouth, went a two-edged sword (Rev 1: 14-16)

God’s Word is Ablaze; Spark the Fire & Save your Soul!

Without Controversy Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of Angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the World, received up into Glory. (1 Timothy 3:16)

Christianity is a mystery, a mystery that could not be found out by reason, and cannot be comprehended by reason, because it is above reason. It is a mystery, not of philosophy or speculation; but of godliness, designed to promote godliness. It is also a revealed mystery, and it does not cease to be a mystery because we come to understand it and experience it to some extent, because it is only in part revealed to us. People have become too positive and confident in their explanations of God & Christ and in their assumptions of what is right and wrong as if they truly understand everything which they don’t. The only way to properly view God is through the eyes of appreciation, undeserved love & reverential fear & obedience; We are to humbly adore Him and piously believe Him. Like the mystery of Creation, the mystery of God becoming a man, and the mystery of the Trinity; Everything that God does in our lives is a mystery that is only revealed to those who live in purity of soul & body, and obedient to the truth of His Word. God is Holy- God’s Word is Holy- God’s people are to be Holy! Whether we can fathom this mystery or not, we are all eternal beings and Christ will judge the living & the Dead; This alone should desire us to take heed of the way we conduct ourselves.

Six things make up the “Gospel Truth”; 1) That Jesus is God in the flesh: God manifested Himself in the flesh. We claim to understand it but we don’t really have any idea; a Spirit inseminating a virgin girl; it is a mystery that we are called to believe & embrace. 2) Jesus is justified in the Spirit: Christ was reproached as a sinner and put to death; He was raised again by the Spirit so was justified from the contempt & accusations; He was made sin for us and died for our offenses; He rose again for our justification (Ro 4:25) He was put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit (1Pe 3:18) That He might bring us to God. We claim to understand this but we are clueless, My sins are forgiven because someone died; it is a mystery that we are called to believe & embrace. 3) He was seen of Angels: (He 1) The Angels worshiped Him & ministered to Him; These Angelic Spirits were His “Flames of Fire: They attended Christ’s incarnation, temptation, agony, death, resurrection and ascension. We don’t even know what an Angel looks like so how can we understand this? It is a mystery that we are called to believe & embrace. 4) He is preached unto the Gentiles: A great part of the mystery is that Christ was offered to the Gentiles, Salvation was only of the Jews & now it’s for everyone, How is this possible? Again, a mystery that we are called to believe & embrace. 5) He was believed on in the World: Who thought those worldly and wicked Gentiles would believe in the Son of God, and take Christ as their Savior. It doesn’t make sense. 6) He was received up into glory: The ascension; sitting at the right hand of God, making intercession with all power. I thought Christ was God; how can He sit next to God? Oh, because the three are one? And you think that helps us to understand? We have no clue how any of this happens, because it is a Mystery that we only know in part, but we really do not understand; it is a mystery that we are called to believe and embrace. Everything that God wants to do in us is the same. Example: Give and it shall be given to you: when we give it is taken away from us so that makes no sense; Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you: How does that happen? We are called to believe God’s Word and embrace it and that is the only way this works. Matthew Henry says: Godliness is a mystery in all it’s parts and branches; it being a mystery, we should rather humbly adore it, and piously believe it, than curiously pry into it , or be too positive in our expectations of it and determinations about it, further than the Holy Scriptures have revealed it to us! I’ll add: We have NO RIGHT to make assumptions beyond what the scriptures have revealed to us! WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE, GOD? We must accept God’s Word by Faith, and be obedient to it. It is a Mystery so we don’t have to understand it, but it is without controversy, so we have to believe it! THAT’S CHRISTIANITY! The Greatest Mystery Ever!

Here at Blazing Bibles, I have delved into Matthew Henry’s Commentary for over 35 years; studied George Whitefield’s brilliant insights and understandings from his writings, lifestyle & his readings and I’m just scratching the surface. My goal has never been to learn these insights to share with others, but on the contrary; They were sought out by a very desperate man pathetically trying to obey & understand God’s will, ashamed at what he has become at times, and desperate for help & change. Most of what I’ve come to understand has been through trial & error; OK, from total failure, but I’m not alone, and I am in good company; The Apostle Peter learned from failure, King David did also; Most every great man of God has done the same. We all fail! We all need God’s help! George Whitefield read Matthew’s commentary cover to cover 4 times, the last time on his knees. Every minister ought to read it through at least once; slowly, prayerfully taking notes and understanding it before they ever stand behind a pulpit. It is surely helping me. God Bless!

Until we actually believe God’s Word to the point that we build our lives entirely upon it, we are simply Pseudo-Christians: (Not genuine, contrived, fake). True followers of Christ fight continually against the inward desire of self-will, and as they do that The Holy Spirit enters their heart, guiding them & enabling them, as they obey. We are sons of God by faith which is justification; then become sons of God in deed by sanctification. Justification is through Christ’s action- Dying for our sins, and Sanctification is through the Holy Spirits actions- as we die to our self-will and obey Christ’s example. Our failure to obey is our failure to become sanctified. It’s all about Holiness, and without it, no man shall see God.

God’s Word & Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary

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