Rev 1 (14-16)- His Eyes were a Flame of Fire; and out of His Mouth, went a Two-edged Sword!

Our God is a Consuming Fire!

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“Awaken to God, America”!

     Never in our Nation’s history have we ever been more desperate and in need of Spiritual Revival! Evil has overtaken our land and is controlling our youth, and without a Nation-wide revival of God’s principles and actions we are doomed. Lies and deceit have become the accepted way of life in politics, our mediaContinue reading ““Awaken to God, America”!”

The 2021 Believer

The 2021 Believer      As believers in Christ, we’ve set the bar way too low. We compare ourselves to the ungodly & unbelieving community in which we live and perceive ourselves as holy and righteous compared to them, but that is an incorrect assessment. The scriptures say that the unbelievers will get progressively worse overContinue reading “The 2021 Believer”

The 2021 Church

The 2021 Church!      When Christ showed up on the scene, God’s Church had become something other than what God had intended it to be. Jesus was furious with the leadership and began describing them for what they had truly become and what their actions had dictated. Christ called them hypocrites for preaching one thingContinue reading “The 2021 Church”

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