“Awaken to God, America”!

     Never in our Nation’s history have we ever been more desperate and in need of Spiritual Revival! Evil has overtaken our land and is controlling our youth, and without a Nation-wide revival of God’s principles and actions we are doomed. Lies and deceit have become the accepted way of life in politics, our media and social media, sending us down an evil path of no return. Our Nation is making itself the enemy of God through its actions and ideals, with horrendous consequences soon to follow. States are acting contrary to constitutional design without repercussions, leftist groups, politicians and wealthy sympathizers are manipulating elections and steeling our democracy, churches are making Christs’ teachings out to be whatever they want and removing God’s true standard; Our country is a mess! We have never been this desperate in the history of America and this close to utter ruin; It’s time for a change!

     What is Revival? Revival is a new enlightened conviction of sin, followed by an intense desire to live in obedience to God. It is giving up ones will to God in deep humility. Revival is an epiphany of sorts where we see our current accepted actions as evil and ungodly and desperately with all of our heart desire and determine to change to that which pleases God. Revival is an awakening to our sins, and an awakening to true purity and holiness, and can be seen by a person’s transformation in their actions and thoughts, turning from ungodly behavior to obeying God’s commands at all cost. This is what it means to become “Born Again”! The old way of thinking and acting dies if you will, and the new way of thinking and acting begins, is born if you will.

     Many Christians will pray for revival thinking that it is a sovereign thing that God does mystically or magically, and then suddenly revival comes, but that is a wrong understanding of revival. Revival comes when we revive! This truth is exemplified over and over in scripture calling for a return to godly & holy living. The first Great Awakening in America was a call to return to true piety and without that, your religion was considered in vain. As our country accepted and believed that, they began to act accordingly and became God’s people, and who soon after saw themselves as God’s people with godly rights which inspired a bunch of farmers to defy the greatest navel and military power of the day and win. The second Great Awakening caused our Country to view woman suffrage, child labor and slavery as evil along with others, so they went about to change and remove those evils that our Country had embraced and become.

     We are in a very similar place today! Our Nation is as divided as they were over slavery, we are allowing evil to go on referring to it as good, and we are throwing away everything this Nation was founded upon and what made it great. We have gone from one nation under God, to a divided nation under evil. We need a miracle if anything is ever going to truly change; We need a Spiritual Revival in America & across the world!

     It is time to separate ourselves to God and stop gratifying the desires of our flesh. We must take the utmost care to avoid sin, and anything that borders on it, and leads to it or may be a temptation to us. We must keep our conscious pure and be holy to the Lord. We must be like Christ and renounce worldly pleasures, abstain from fleshly lusts, be separate from sinners, make open profession of our faith, moderate natural affections, be spiritually minded, devoted to God’s service and desirous to be an example to all of those around us.

     We must start a revolution against ungodliness! We must overthrow evil in our personal lives and in our Nation! This has to be a unified movement; a Great Awakening based in true righteousness, true holiness, integrity, purity and most of all, on the truth of God’s word! It’s time to recover all that was stolen from us as a Nation, and to elect great leaders to lead us like the great Donald Trump has done! It’s time to change what our Country has come to stand for, and return to the dream of our founding fathers! It’s time to return to God!

The dawning of a new day!

     It’s time for a spiritual revival; it’s time for the 3rd Great Awakening in America!

Rm 13 (11-13)- And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep…the day is at hand…cast off the works of darkness…Let us walk honestly!

     Our Nation has hit the very height of iniquity; evil which none of us could have ever imagined: constantly lying and blatantly rigging a Presidential election. It’s time for our Country to wake up to what it has become; it’s high time to awake! It’s time to awake out of the sleep of sin (our sinful condition); carnal security, spiritual negligence and deadness. Our Nation is being overrun by evil! Wake up! Stop being complacent and spiritually asleep! Cast off darkness; with its evil scheming and actions. Wake up to God! Put on the armor of light and stand in opposition to the evil doers. It’s time to walk honestly and be awakened to God!

Eph 5:14- Awake thou that sleepeth, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.    

It’s time for sinners to awaken to God; to see their great stupidity and wretched security, how insensible they are of their danger. Time for sinners to break off their sin by repentance and enter on a course of holy obedience; arise from spiritual deadness. These are dangerous and troublesome times in which we live. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and as sinners, should fear their end and separation from God for eternity. God is about to judge evil in our Country and a wise man would turn to God now rather than later.                                             

Awaken to God!

Published by blazingbibles.com

But God hath chosen, the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And the base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and the things which are not, to bring to naught things that are That “no flesh” should glory in “His Presence.” (1 Corinthians 1:27–29) I’m one of those foolish, weak, base things, so in God’s eyes, I’m well qualified. (C’mon—that’s funny, right?) As a lay preacher and a student of the Bible, Mark Christopher has gained great insight into God’s desire and strategy to spiritually strengthen men and women in their faith. In his 33 years of service to the Lord, he has come to understand the many challenges associated with living for God, as a man, in our generation. Mark is apprehending and discerning his calling as a man of God and is becoming greatly encouraged and strengthened. His great hope is that as others press into these principles that he has come to understand, is that they too will become encouraged in their faith, and strengthened in their calling as a man of God. He resides in Southern California where his greatest joy is serving God and praying for his family and Nation.

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