Blazing Nation

The Lord is high above all Nations, and His Glory above the Heavens! (Ps 113:4)

One Nation Under God!

(Ro 1:28-32)-Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind. Filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, full of envy, murder, deceit, haters of God, proud, boastful, without natural affections, inventors of evil things; knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death!

Our nation has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. The godly principles that we were established upon have deteriorated into a cesspool of ungodly behavior. The laws of God are now considered bigoted & hateful, while the most ungodly & reprobate behavior is embraced and exalted. America has cancer of the soul, and nothing we can do is going to help; I believe that our demise is imminent and our nation is in for a big shock! We have thrown God out and the looming consequences that I believe are coming will be horrific! Don’t be surprised if a nuclear bomb explodes on American soil, perhaps Cape Canaveral, or horrific earthquake levels LA, or Tidal Wave demolishes Long Island, perhaps even happening before the next Presidential election. Behold, America; What you have sown, you shall surely reap! Judgement Day is coming; In the word’s of Christ: “I’ll Be Back”!

Ps 53:1-3- The FOOL hath said in his heart, There is no God…God looked down from Heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God…They are altogether become filthy; There is none that doeth good, no, not one. Our Nation was created & established on God’s Word; It permeates the fabric of our Constitution which is about to be changed. We have become a Nation of Filthy Sinners with no sense of right & wrong! In God’s eyes we are a BACKSLIDDEN PEOPLE! In God’s words, the fool says there is no God; In Mr. T’s words, “I Pity The Fool”! Sorry, just a joke.

Ga 4:9- But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak & beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage. We are in bondage as a Nation to this leftist mentality; it permeates the media, social media, elected officials and worst of all manipulating our young children’s minds through school curricula, declaring that prayer in school is bad, and biblical truths are judgemental, negative, fault finding and overcritical; while teaching lesbianism is a good thing to kindergarten children with “Heather has two moms” which is tantamount to psychological abuse! Trust me when I say that the judgements of God that are soon coming to this Country are well deserved like Justice Ginsburg being responsible for over 30 million savage murders to defenceless unborn babies. We use to be a Nation of righteousness, but now, not so much, Right? 2Pe 2: 21 & 22- For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than after they have known it, to turn from it… But it happened unto them according to the true proverb; The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. Enjoy wallowing in the mire America, and eating your delicious vomit, your time is coming to an end. He 11:25- Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of SIN for a season. The season of enjoying Sin has nigh come to an end America, we are about to see what the consequences of a sinful life & a Sinful Nation looks like; does anyone remember “Sodom & Gomorrah”?

Ja 1:21- Wherefore, lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls. Matthew Henry says: The word here translated filthiness signifies those lusts which have the greatest sensuality to them, and the word rendered superfluity of naughtiness may be understood of the overflowing of malice and other spiritual wickedness. Hereby we are taught to lay aside those gross and fleshly dispositions and affections which show a person to be filthy; but also the disorders of a corrupt heart. Observe: , Sin is a defiling thing, it is called filthiness itself. It is not enough to restrain evil affections, but they must be cast off (Is 30:22) thou shalt cast them off like a menstruous cloth. This must extend not only to outward sins, but to all sin of thought & affection as well as speech & practice. “Pasan rhyparian”- all filthiness, everything that is corrupt and sinful. We are directed here how to do it; Receive with meekness the engrafted Word. The Word of God; We are to receive it, assent to the truths of it, consent to the laws of it, the Gospel engrafted into our souls. We must therefore yield ourselves to the Word of God, with most submissive, humble tempers, this is to receive it with meekness. Being willing to hear our faults, and taking it not only patiently, but thankfully, desiring to be molded and formed by the doctrine and precepts of the Gospel.

So, this is all that we need to do America; Allow Gods rules & dictates to change the very fabric of our lives, and in so doing, change God’s disposition toward us as a Nation. This is what the “Founding Fathers” of our Nation did at it’s conception, and this is our challenge today. This is the truest way to – “Make America Great Again”! This is what made us GREAT in the beginning, and it stands to reason, that this is what will make us great again; We were never great because of our accomplishments, We were great because- “WE WERE GOD’S PEOPLE”! It’s time to get back to that or prepare for eminent destruction and God’s Judgement; enslavement to China & Russia. “God is not mocked: Whatever we sow, this is what we shall truly reap”. Well, that’s all for now; just something to chew on. Think about it.

Between the Old Testament & the New Testament there were 400 years that God was said to be silent; He was allowing His Nation & it’s spiritual leaders to have their own way and create whatever they wanted in His Name; and then God showed up in Christ and everything was judged by His Words & Actions. In like manner, since about 1850, God became silent again as His Church began changing the meaning of His Holy Word, and created these splintered fragments called denominations (division in the Church). Over the last 170 years it has gotten ridiculously out of hand and has affected our Nation similarly to the point that we have become: A Nation, divided right down the middle (worse than during the Civil War), with no hope in sight. Again, God has allowed this Nation, and it’s spiritual leaders to have their own way & create whatever they wanted in His Name. I believe that in 2020 our Country “LIED” about the Presidential Election, and now the looser of that election sits in the White House mocking God with every breath he takes; Of course I am referring to the Democratic Party which I believe perpetrated it all because he was just a pawn; I believe that years of being silent have come to an end for God and He is about to show up in Power again! You have brought this upon yourself America; You have no one to blame but yourselves!

Let us look at the history of “God Planting True Faith” in this Country. Though he belonged to the 17th century, Roger Williams was one of the most remarkable men of his or any century. With absolute faith in the literal truth of the Bible, he went about with absolute confidence attempting to convince others of the truth. He believed that God had created human beings and endowed them with the inborn right to make choices in matters of faith. He clashed with puritan fathers on the interlocking of the church and the state. He declared that the church had “Rights by God” that superseded the states authority. His enemies ( the established churches in America & England) called him a “Firebrand”; They feared the chaos & uncertainty of free will and the impact of it. Williams embraced it all, for he knew that it was the price of freedom; As governor of RI, he was the first state to adopt “separation of church & state” for God’s people calling it a free state, which would later become a free Country. This mindset became the basis for the creation of America; Thomas Jefferson adopted it, quoted from him, but did it for the good of the state. Roger Williams was a radical separatist who abandoned Calvinism & embraced free will: It was a persons own choice to come to know God; Faith, or to reject God. He said that the Scriptures were clear and should be followed. He declared: “One should live according to the Spirit of Christian Love & Devotion”. This was actually the beginning of Free-Will Baptist in America! In 1638 he established the first Baptist church in America. A few years later, John Clark took a trading post from his followers in Newport RI, and started the second Baptist church in America; Williams opposed it because Clark embraced Calvinism & Socinianism. Clark declared: “If God knew every possible future, human free will was impossible and as such should be rejected. Clark’s beliefs & preaching were exactly opposed to Williams. So, right from the beginning, the parable of the enemy sowing tares right after the good seed was planted becomes realized; and we all know that God’s response was “let them grow together & in the end we will separate them”. If ever a scripture was appropriate, Right? Unfortunately, distorting God’s word became the common effect of God planting good spiritual seeds in our Nation as we will come to see. Roger Williams and those who followed him, broke up the hardened soil, plowed it & fertilized it and began the planting that would soon become the “First Great Awakening”!

Before Roger Williams was having his epiphany, and upsetting the status quo in England & America, Jacobus Arminius (pronounced: Jakob Harmenszoon) was reclaiming the early church theological consensus! His theological statements would become known as Arminianism; Which later was widely known as Free-Will Baptist. Many consider the theological differences between Calvinism & Arminianism to be crucial differences in doctrine; I for one, while others find them to be relatively minor; all southern Baptists. Jacobus lived from (1560-1609), and was a student of Theodore Beza who just happened to be Calvin’s successor. Jacobus was a Calvinist disciple at the Theological University in Geneva and was directly taught by Calvin’s successor. He agreed with all of Calvin’s arguments except predestination & eternal security; Which Calvin concocted by twisting the meaning of St Augustine’s writings. For about 30 years Arminius gathered a large following, and although he died in 1609, 45 ministers signed & submitted his statements to: States General of the Netherlands in 1610 where it was originally articulated. The “Synod of Dort” was called to consider their “5 articles of faith”: 1) Salvation & condemnation on the day of judgement was conditioned by the gracious enabled faith (or unbelief) of man. 2) The atonement is qualitatively adequate for all men, yet that no one actually enjoys (experiences) this forgiveness of sins, except the believer and thus is limited to only those who trust in Christ. 3) That man has not saving grace of himself, and unaided by the Holy Spirit, no person is able to respond to God’s will. 4) The Christian Grace of God is the beginning, continuance, and accomplishment of any good, yet man may resist the Holy Spirit. 5) Believers are able to resist sin through grace, and Christ will keep them from falling; but whether they are beyond the possibility of ultimately forsaking God or becoming devoid of grace must be more particularly determined from the scriptures. Observe: Points 3&4 in Arminianism can be read; True believers can fall from true faith and can fall into such sins that cannot be constant with true and justifying faith; not only is it possible for this to happen, but it even happens frequently. True believers are able to fall through their own fault into shameful & atrocious deeds, to continue and die in them; and therefore finally to fall & to perish. This was the message that Christ preached; This is what the early church believed! Calvinism is a distortion of Christ’s message; A Lie: False Doctrine! So, how does this effect America? Well, I’m glad you asked; In 1727, Paul Palmer, an Arminianism Preacher started the first Free-Will Baptist Church in America located in NC; but I’m getting ahead of myself. While Roger Williams theology & Arminianism were in their infant stages, God rose up a man who spent more than a lifetime studying & commenting on every scripture in the Bible; This mans name was Matthew Henry!

In about 1675, Matthew Henry began compiling his notes & comments on every verse in the Bible and unlocking “True Christian Theology” according to the clear & true meaning of the Latin Holy Text. He completed through Romans by his death in 1714; A number of theologians finished his “Great Work” over the following years using only his original notes. Many people, since the completion of Matthew Henry’s Commentary, have read his simple yet illuminating insights; George Whitefield was one of those, and he read it through four times. Whitefield embraced it and came to understand & experience “The New Birth” ; This would change his life & our Nation, as the spark that would ignited the First Great Awakening in America!

George Whitefield began to understand & preach: If a person claims to know and follow Christ, and has not had a radical conversion in their lifestyle, then they were deceived and only fooling themselves; Christians had to show a transformation & conversion to Christ-like actions, thoughts & conversation, or their religion was in vain! This was his message; this is what people responded to and this is what changed our Nation. Of course, this also applies to today; but try preaching that in your pulpit. As a young man, George was aided by the Wesley brothers; John Wesley started the Calvinist-Methodist movement and it began to drive a wedge between them. Though George loved them dearly and remained friends, the Calvinist beliefs of predestination & eternal security is where their theology split. George asserted that people had free will to chose Christ or deny Him just like he did; just like Matthew Henry made clear & just like Christ taught! George Whitefield’s Journal begins with: The only Methodism I desire to know, is the Holy Method of dying to ourselves, and living unto God. George visited Portsmouth, NH in his last speaking tour and died one week later; at 55, George said: I’d rather wear out than rust out.

While Whitefield was preaching at Portsmouth in the fall of 1770, Benjamin Randel was in the crowd; he responded and was transformed. Randel went on to spearhead the Free-Will Baptist movement in New England and the seed of the next Great Awakening was planted. In NH and soon to follow in NY, there was a massive exodus of the established Calvinist-Baptist churches which were soon considered false doctrine in NE. In 1810-1825 the Second Great Awakening broke and lasted until about 1840; In 1845 the Southern Baptist Convention split from their Baptist denomination citing slavery as the issue at the end of this Spiritual Awakening, as if being Pro-Slavery was a good thing, Right? If the truth was to be told, they left because their churches were empty; The 2nd awakening was ignited as the Baptists shifted from Calvinism to Arminianism; Make No Mistake About It! The Southern Baptist Convention ran away pretending the issue was slavery, and for the following 80 years these Southerners had no doctrine of faith and preached whatever they wanted, and after that time, in 1925 the Southern Baptist Convention simply adopted the NH Calvinist- Baptist doctrine which by now was considered “False Doctrine”, and is what they declare to this very day; but I digress. Charles Finney finally saw the light, and from 1825 until almost 1840 which is when the awakening was ending, he taught that people had the Free Will to chose Salvation; Mr. Finney was the originator of abolishing slavery, declaring that they should also be educated, and he also spoke on Woman’s suffrage among many other topics. Calvinist Baptists & Wesley’s Calvinist Methodists circuit riders are given credit for the 2nd great awakening , but that’s not true; they spread Calvinism to ignorant unchurched people which ignited every other denomination thinkable to spread to those unknowing farmers & trades people.

The next great awakening will start the same way; by calling all of these denominations- division in the church & false doctrine, and returning to true Biblical faith; Like the great Matthew Henry made clear, Roger Williams sought out, Arminus discovered, George Whitefield preached & lived, Randel & Finney declared; Which is what Christ came & died for! Ephesians tells us that we are to be built upon the foundation of the Apostles & Prophets, Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone in whom we are all built up together; For a Holy Habitation unto God! That is the Spirit of Truth! That’s what I believe; no matter how many times I fall, I’m not giving up, because after 35 years, I realize that everything else is sinking sand: “QUICKSAND”, which is what our Nation and all these churches are built on now! God Help Us!!!

I’m not attempting to change history in order to accommodate my beliefs; I’m trying to clarify history so we can truly understand what God desires, so we can become His Beloved again, like at our Nations conception. I am not this smart spiritual guy, but I believe that God has inspired my pathetically worthless life and this is just how I see it. So, I say with all sincerity of heart, and the same boundless love that God has graciously shown to me:


God’s Country!


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