Blazing World

I am come to send Fire upon the Earth

Go Ye, into all the world..

The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof, the World, and they that dwell therein!

God created all things; The Earth, the Universe, Mankind, all of the animals & plant-life! God created it all, and God owns it all; The World and they that dwell thereon are God’s property! God also created the way to live, and the way to honor the Creator; Through Jesus Christ! When we behold the world today it is a far cry from that. We see Communist countries hell-bent on world supremacy at all cost, from Pearl Harbor to creating a viral pandemic; And the human rights abuses of Socialist superpowers holding the worlds largest stockpile of Nuclear Weapons. We view poverty & degradation of gigantic people groups with no answer in sight, and the Godly established superpower disintegrating into a cesspool of Evil & Reprobate teaching and behavior. Just think of how many people are inhabiting God’s globe right now: China- 1,439,000, India- 1,380,000, USA- 334,000, Indonesia- 273,000, Pakistan- 220,000, Brazil- 212,000, Nigeria- 206,000, Bangladesh- 164,000, Russia- 145,000, Mexico- 128,000. Over population and a deleting of natural resources is soon to bring an end to this planet! In the Words of God: The Earth will wax old like a garment. The blue planet has become an old man inches from the grave!

The time to turn to God is NOW!

World Peace!

Israel! Atone for your Father’s Sin! (Video)

Muslims & Jews have the same Spiritual Father; Abraham! Ishmael became the Spiritual Father of a great Nation: Muslim! Isaac became the Spiritual Father of a great Nation: Jewish! These two sons had the same Father, Abraham; The Father of Faith! After the death of Abraham, these two brothers lived peaceably as neighbors for theContinue reading “Israel! Atone for your Father’s Sin! (Video)”

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