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My duty calls me to appease the anger of God; My heart blazed in one blaze of Godly indignation!”

Mark Christopher Folan- Foley

His word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones

God’s people can not continue to idly sit by and allow injustices to go on in our nation, our church, and throughout the world any longer; It is time to rise-up as men & women of God and to declare the truth of God’s Word and the consequences of neglecting it. It’s time for us to preach the Gospel! The eyes of God and of Jesus Christ are upon us! We must consider the account we are to give for this trust which Christ has put in us; we owe it to God who made us and the Lord Jesus Christ who redeemed us. Woe to us if we preach not the Gospel! We must press in with all earnestness and urgency of eternal consequences and call upon believers to take heed of sin, to do their duty, to repent and believe, and live a holy life; To convince wicked people of the evil and danger of their wicked course. God is furious and indignant with the state of His Church & His beloved nation and He will not forbear much longer! It’s time to start getting ready for Heaven, or start getting ready for Hell; It’s one or the other!

Forged in the Fire

Romans 8: 28&29-      (We) are called according to His (God’s) purpose…To be conformed to the image of His Son (Jesus) that He might be the first-born among many brethren. Matthew Henry says:      Holiness consists in our conformity to the image of Christ. This takes in the whole of sanctification, of which Christ isContinue reading “Forged in the Fire”

The 2021 Believer

The 2021 Believer      As believers in Christ, we’ve set the bar way too low. We compare ourselves to the ungodly & unbelieving community in which we live and perceive ourselves as holy and righteous compared to them, but that is an incorrect assessment. The scriptures say that the unbelievers will get progressively worse overContinue reading “The 2021 Believer”

The 2021 Church

The 2021 Church!      When Christ showed up on the scene, God’s Church had become something other than what God had intended it to be. Jesus was furious with the leadership and began describing them for what they had truly become and what their actions had dictated. Christ called them hypocrites for preaching one thingContinue reading “The 2021 Church”

Practising Loving Kindness

Originally posted on Be Inspired..!!:
What is Loving Kindness? Loving kindness is a mindfulness practice designed to increase love and compassion first for ourselves and then for our loved ones, for friends, for those we are angry with, for difficult people, for enemies, and then for all beings. Loving kindness can protect us from developing…


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