Forged in the Fire

Romans 8: 28&29-      (We) are called according to His (God’s) purpose…To be conformed to the image of His Son (Jesus) that He might be the first-born among many brethren. Matthew Henry says:      Holiness consists in our conformity to the image of Christ. This takes in the whole of sanctification, of which Christ isContinue reading “Forged in the Fire”

“Awaken to God, America”!

     Never in our Nation’s history have we ever been more desperate and in need of Spiritual Revival! Evil has overtaken our land and is controlling our youth, and without a Nation-wide revival of God’s principles and actions we are doomed. Lies and deceit have become the accepted way of life in politics, our mediaContinue reading ““Awaken to God, America”!”

The 2021 Believer

The 2021 Believer      As believers in Christ, we’ve set the bar way too low. We compare ourselves to the ungodly & unbelieving community in which we live and perceive ourselves as holy and righteous compared to them, but that is an incorrect assessment. The scriptures say that the unbelievers will get progressively worse overContinue reading “The 2021 Believer”

The 2021 Church

The 2021 Church!      When Christ showed up on the scene, God’s Church had become something other than what God had intended it to be. Jesus was furious with the leadership and began describing them for what they had truly become and what their actions had dictated. Christ called them hypocrites for preaching one thingContinue reading “The 2021 Church”

Christianity- A Relationship not a Religion!

Christianity is a Relationship, not a Religion!      God created people to have a relationship with them. God is Spirit so we can’t see Him; but the Bible is His word which is spoken to us, and by that we are led. As we begin to obey God’s word 100%, and begin doing what weContinue reading “Christianity- A Relationship not a Religion!”

Heaven- The Victory!

Christ won victory over Hell, death and the grave, and it came at a great cost and with relentless perseverance. Our Lord battled and wrestled against evil His entire life and overcame it. His faith was the victory that prevailed and placed Him at the right hand of His Father in Heaven. Jesus is ourContinue reading “Heaven- The Victory!”

The “Kingdom of God”!

At first glance it seems to be such an abstract concept: the Kingdom of God; is this something in heaven or in earth? After researching through the scriptures with the many different examples and understandings, we can still be somewhat overwhelmed and confused. Let’s delve into this topic; You’re kingdom come, You’re will be done!Continue reading “The “Kingdom of God”!”

The King- “REIGN”!

As believers in Christ, we are to be reigning over life! As Kings of God’s Kingdom, we should have ultimate authority, similar to a monarch of a great nation. What is it to be a King of God’s Kingdom and how are we to obtain it? The only way that we will ever understand thisContinue reading “The King- “REIGN”!”

The Holy Spirit of God- “LIVE”!

Everybody and his brother have their opinion of what or who the Holy Spirit is. Some say God’s spirit talks to me directly which of course is unlikely, others engage in ungodly behavior and again say God’s spirit said it’s ok, again, very unlikely. One day people will realize they are involved with some typeContinue reading “The Holy Spirit of God- “LIVE”!”