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With God, All Things are Possible!

For God so Loved the World…Greater Love hath no man that this…God is Love!

We need God’s love & We need each other. (1Cor 13:4)- “Love suffereth long, and is kind; Love envieth not; Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up”. Matthew Henry says: The Apostle gives us some effects of love. That we might know if we posses it, and if not that we might fall in love with that which is exceedingly admirable, and not rest until we have obtained it. Longsuffering- makrothymei: It can endure evil, injury and provocation, without being filled with resentment, indignation, or revenge. It makes the mind firm, gives it power over the angry passions with a preserving patience, would rather wait and wish for reformation, than fly out in resentment. Puts up with many slights and neglects, and waits patiently for these kind effects on them. It is kind- chresteuetai: it is bountiful, courteous and obliging. Ready to show favors and do good. Seeks to be useful, not only seizes opportunities to do good, but searches for them. Love suppresses envy- it is not grieved by good to others, nor their gifts or good qualities. Love subdues pride and vain-glory. It vaunteth not itself, is not bloated with self-conceit, does not swell upon it’s acquisitions. Does not despise or trample on others, or treat them with contempt. True love gives us an esteem and value of others, and prevents arrogance. Love stands opposed to a fair face is put on, and fine words are said without any regard to the truth, or intention of good. Love abhors falsehoods! Nothing denies love more than that. It does nothing that seems base or vile. It does what is right: respect to superiors, kindness to inferiors- courtesy and good-will to all. Love doesn’t misbehave. It is the utter enemy to selfishness; It doesn’t advance itself at the cost to others. Never angry without a cause, and confines those passions within proper limits. Anger cannot live with love! It is quick to reconcile! Does not suspect evil of others- charge them with guilt when no sort appear. Not jealous or suspicious! Doesn’t indulge suspicion without proofs. The very height of malice is to take pleasure in the misery of others. It bears up under curses, slanders, prison, exile. Out of mere simplicity and silliness, believes every word. Love makes the best of everything, and puts on it the best face and appearance. It will judge well, and believe well, will stretch it’s faith beyond for support of truth. When it cannot believe well of others because of their actions, it hopes. What a lovely mind that is infused with such love and has diffused over it’s whole body. Happy is the man who has this Heavenly Fire glowing in his heart, flowing out of his mouth, and diffusing it’s warmth over all who hear. How beautiful would Christianity be to the World, if those who profess it were more driven by this principle, and paid regard to the command put upon it by the Blessed Author: That you love one another as I have loved you! How few of professed disciples are distinguished by this characteristic.

When we contemplate the amazing “Love of God” dwelling in our hearts and touching all who we interact with, it seems way beyond our ability to do it, and it is! It’s the miracle of God dwelling in our hearts & having expression through us. God doesn’t just want to visit with us from time to time as we finally get some things right; He wants to take up residency and make his abode in us: The tabernacle of God is with men! The only way this will ever happen is if we surrender our entire will and life to Him! In the words of John the Baptist: He must get greater, and I must get smaller. If we call Christ, King and Lord, then we must treat Him accordingly; He didn’t give us the 10 suggestions, He gave us the 10 commandments; Our King & Lord demands our adherence to His statutes, and anything less is defiance! It is time to STOP defying God with our rebellious hearts of iniquity and just do what He says by His Power in us; and it all starts with repentance & obedience! Glory be unto God!!!

Christ’s Passion & Devotion to us can plainly be seen through what He endured: The humiliation, mockery, scourging & crucifixion. Our passion & devotion can be seen by our obedience (to the Word, our calling, and His direction), Purity (as we abstain from sin), Holiness (as we walk in truth with no deception), Kindness (always caring for others) and Love (as we’ve just read & understand). Here at Blazing Bibles, this is our goal. If you feel the same way, please get in touch so we can encourage each other and learn from each other; Iron Sharpeneth Iron. If you disagree with anything that I have shared, please get in touch; I’d love to hear what you would say & what you believe. Well, that’s all for now, God Bless!

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