“Awaken to God, America”!

     Never in our Nation’s history have we ever been more desperate and in need of Spiritual Revival! Evil has overtaken our land and is controlling our youth, and without a Nation-wide revival of God’s principles and actions we are doomed. Lies and deceit have become the accepted way of life in politics, our mediaContinue reading ““Awaken to God, America”!”

Heaven- The Victory!

Christ won victory over Hell, death and the grave, and it came at a great cost and with relentless perseverance. Our Lord battled and wrestled against evil His entire life and overcame it. His faith was the victory that prevailed and placed Him at the right hand of His Father in Heaven. Jesus is ourContinue reading “Heaven- The Victory!”

The Son of God- “BORN to DIE”!

When we begin to contemplate the life of Christ, we see a man on a mission! Right from the beginning He went about doing good, and showing humanity the love of their heavenly Father. What a guy, right? Healing the sick, feeding the hungry and on and on it goes. We can’t help but noticeContinue reading “The Son of God- “BORN to DIE”!”

Fighting against “Evil-Spirits” in America!

As funny as it sounds, evil spirits have taken over America. What I mean by that is that much of what is being portrayed as truth in our Nation is actually lies. Schools lie to our kids, the media lies to the public, and left wing politicians lie to our face! Lies are inspired byContinue reading “Fighting against “Evil-Spirits” in America!”

God’s Priest- Intercede for our Nation!

In the Bible, the priests were the most devout of all the people and their prayers and intercession moved the Hand of God to help God’s people. If we are even thinking of praying and expecting God to hear us, our first priority should be to return to a personally holy and devout lifestyle; otherwise,Continue reading “God’s Priest- Intercede for our Nation!”

The Deliverer- Set the captives free! (America)

Our Nation is in bondage! We are being held captive by this far left liberal humanistic way of believing that has overtaken and enslaved us. It manipulates our way of believing by teaching it through our school system, manipulates our way of thinking by oppressing contrary views in the media and social media, and manipulatesContinue reading “The Deliverer- Set the captives free! (America)”

The Prophet- Speak up for America!

As Christians in America, we should be speaking out against injustices. Our Nation has been allowed to get this bad as a result of our neglect to stand against evil! In the Bible, we often see God raise up a prophet to declare the evil in which God’s Nation had become involved in and theContinue reading “The Prophet- Speak up for America!”

Fasting and Praying for America!

Prayer and Fasting! Never in our Nations history have we ever been in such trouble. If this joke of an election is allowed to stand, the next four years will erase everything that our Nation was founded upon and we will come to ruin. The silent and fragmented church has been no help. Half ofContinue reading “Fasting and Praying for America!”

America’s Failed Church! (Video)

America’s Failed Church!      America’s Church was created in the First Great Awakening. The influence of it declared us to be One Nation Under God and was the inspiration and power behind us defeating England and becoming a Nation. The founding fathers based our Nations foundation and structure upon these beliefs. The basic premise ofContinue reading “America’s Failed Church! (Video)”

America’s Termination! (Video)

America’s Termination!      In 2019 I wrote a Biblical book citing God’s opinions on injustices in America, and the ensuing consequences I saw coming. I will release the entire book through a number of blogs to follow. The injustices which I mentioned were the school’s curricula, the medias bias, and the false attacks upon ourContinue reading “America’s Termination! (Video)”